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Rio Indio Lodge

Access via San Jose in Costa Rica (overnight pre private flight to lodge).

large open seating area with red wood tables and chairs, tiled floors, wooden pillars and ceiling with chandeliers/
wooden veranda with tiled floor and plant pots with tropical plants and views of jungle/
Nicaraguan family travelling along a river in a boat with outboard motor/
swimming pool set in a tropical jungle with river running past it/
buffet counter with plates and a selection of food on display/
looking across a river to a tropical island with wooden thatched huts set amongst the jungle/

The Río Indio Adventure Lodge was developed by a group of environmentally conscientious investors from North America, Nicaragua and Costa Rica who wanted to introduce this 1,600 sq. kilometer Indio Maíz World Heritage National Park to people that care about the environment and its pristine beauty. After a 2 ½ year environmental impact study, the carefully designed construction began using Nicaragua’s finest hand craftsmen, and wood from tree farms and reforestation programs. Their goal was to create local jobs, operate a sustainable project and staff the lodge with local native people, mostly of the Rama tribe.

The main facility of Río Indio measures 1275m2 or 13719sq feet and is hand crafted by renowned Nicaraguan artisans. The beautiful main building with its 40-foot central ceiling and Spanish tile floors is the centre piece of the lodge. The gourmet restaurant, lobby and one of two on-site bars are located here. Reception is staffed from 8:00am to 6:00pm daily.

Each of the 27 cabins have been built on “stilts” over the jungle floor which allows for a canopy view of the river and Captain Morgan’s Lagoon. Measuring 700 square feet each, they have been constructed out of the wood from tree farms and using local craftsmen. The private and sophisticated rooms are very open and are outfitted with 2 comfortable queen-size beds, overhead fans, and a large, ornately-tiled bathroom. Additionally, each room has a screened-in deck, where you can relax and enjoy the amazing views of the water and the surrounding wildlife. Río Indio Lodge provides daily room service, fresh towels and, in case you forgot to bring them, complimentary shampoo and soap.

The Biological Reserve is an area of 2,639.8 sq km. It is composed of costal area, wet lands, swamps, primary forest and highlands. It is estimated that 70% to 80% of all species that live in Nicaragua are in the east coast of the country, out of this, 20% are in different degrees of threat. This area is one of the richest in ecology in all of Central America and is inhabited with many species of indigenous animals, birds, fish and exotic plant life. Among the animals that live in the forest are hundreds of different bird species, including toucans, hummingbirds, macaws, parrots, and many other spectacular, colorful species. The reserve is also inhabited by beautiful mammals like deer, sloths, wild boars, pumas, jaguars, pacas, foxes, and even one spectacular aquatic mammal: manatees. All of the three monkey species that live in Nicaragua can be found in the Indio Maíz Reserve (Howler, White-Face, and Spider Monkey). Other animal species that can be found in this area include poison dart frogs, snakes, crocodiles, turtles, and iguanas.

In regards to bird life in the 1996 bird count by “Friends of the Earth” from Spain, 270 species of birds distributed in 214 genus and 61 families which include the Harpy Eagle, were also recorded. This area is right on the East Coast Migration Route, which offers great birding opportunities. The area is also the principal hatching area for sea turtles (chelonia mydas) and most important eretmochelys imbricatta.

The area gets an average of 5,000 mm of rain each year with a dry season from February to May. This is a pristine area with no contamination and easy access to remote areas by boat and trails. The many species of reptiles, birds, insects, mammals and natural history as well as an endless collection of plant life make it an ideal destination for both the amateur and professional biologist or naturalist in biology and nature. There are almost 6 kilometers of nature trails to explore right on the property.

Come experience this awesome rain forest wilderness and see the many birds and wild animals right on the property! Maybe you’ll see the Red Brocket Deer or the shy tapir. You will almost definitely find a toucan lighting upon a branch overhead or any of the more than 600 species of exotic birds that inhabit this area. Either way, you will be sure to enjoy the incredible beauty of this exotic natural wonderland! Make a full day of it. Hike the trails in the morning and take a kayak journey downstream on the Río Indio!

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