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Holidays in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is friendly and diverse beyond most travellers expectations. From its 28 volcanoes to its towering mountain ranges to the diverse tropical forests that blanket many regions of this country, Nicaragua has something for everyone.

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Nicaragua is an eco-tourist’s dream with lots of good accommodations, good food and warm hearted people. With more lakes than the rest of Central America combined and many national parks, this country is a fresh destination. There are active volcanoes, hundreds of islets between the calm waters of an immense lake, deep rivers coming from the biggest and more alive virgin forest of the region, cascades, imposing cannons, white and golden beaches, colonial cities, towns of fishermen, craftsmen, artists and medical naturists.

The residents of Nicaragua maintain a fierce sense of national pride in the cultural accomplishments of their country. Nicaragua is the safest country in the whole region. “Nicas” or Nicaraguans are people you can count on, living in a land that offers much more to discover that anything else. The country’s passion for the arts, in particular for its poetry, is world renowned, and after visiting this dramatic landscape it is easy to see what has inspired so many writers.

Martins World Travel highly recommend this exceptional country for avid naturalists, birders, fisherman, hikers, coffee lovers and any traveller in search of surprises.

Top Holiday Destinations in Nicaragua

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