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Galapagos Islands the Enchanted Islands

The world's most unique islands to explore and experience with a unique and interesting flora and fauna

close up picture of a butterfly with orange wings edged in black with white spots/
close up of a frigate bird in flight with brown feathers, white beak and long tail/
close up of the head and front legs of a giant tortoise /
blue footed booby bird with brown wings, white chest and brown and white speckled head/
blue waters with rocky islands in the Galapagos/
group of people on an inflatable boat travelling along a river/
man standing on the deck of a large cruiser in the middle of the sea/
close up of the head of an iguana eating/
boat sailing past the Galapagos Islands/
brightly coloured red, blue and orange patterned crab with red legs/
sun setting behind an island in the middle of the sea/
large rocky russet coloured island with smaller pointed rocky outcrop at the side/

The Galapagos located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador are known as the Enchanted Islands. Perfect for exploring on a one or two week exploration cruise. Shorter cruise breaks are also offered. We highly recommend small yacht cruise boats that cater for around 20 to 70 guests. Each has at least two professional guides with an expert knowledge on the regions most amazing wildlife.
These unique islands straddle the equator and are famed for a huge range of endemic species studied by Charles Darwin during his Voyage of the Beagle.

Many clients link a holiday in Peru and Ecuador with an adventure yacht cruise around some of the Galapagos Islands, a perfect combination and the friendly staff at Martins World Travel are on hand to discuss your holiday requirements.

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